Time to Build

As a custom home remodeler, we understand that no two building phases will ever be identical. Every home is unique, with its own quirks to work around. At this stage, the project development team will have worked through as many details as possible without opening up the walls and briefed the carpentry team on what to prepare for. It is just days before we “break ground” on your project and time for our final pre-construction steps. Your project manager will walk through the pre-construction checklist with you, identifying the best point of entry, the best place to store materials, where the dumpster will be placed, and all other details needed for a smooth project, down to which bathroom is best for our team to use if needed.

Your project manager will be working with you closely over the course of the project to answer any questions or talk through any details, like what needs site protection or if there are any materials needing to be saved during demo. Your job’s scope of work will determine what inspections we need and how long the project will take. Our team of carpenters and trade partners will work steadily according to schedule to finish your job on time.

Once you have finalized your material selections, we will know what the lead times look like so we can begin finalizing the construction schedule. Working around material lead times, permit approval processes, and inspection requirements, we aim to prepare an accurate construction timeline for your project prior to starting the demolition.

As soon as the permits are ready, materials are checked in, and our trade partners have been scheduled, we are ready to begin! The first steps in the process will be making sure we have our dumpster on site, installing site protection for the areas of your home that will not be involved in the construction project, and remove all project related items as defined in your construction contract.

What is Site Protection?

Site protection can be a multitude of things ranging from painters’ plastic to zip walls or an air scrubber. Your project manager will work with you to determine what needs to be protected and the best way to protect those items/spaces. If we need to block off an entire room, a plastic zip wall may be the best option so you can still access the space without risking an overwhelming amount of construction dust drifting its way to areas it doesn’t need to be. Ram board, a dense cardboard floor covering, is used to cover flooring our team will be walking on but not replacing to mitigate any scuffs or dirty footprints. Covering air ducts is also an important part of any remodeling project. Construction dust can use air ducts to find it’s way into other areas of your home, putting plastic coverings over the duct openings keep the dust contained to the construction zone. What site protection is needed varies by job, so rest easy knowing the protection we use on your space will be custom tailored to your home’s needs.

Examples of Site Protection:

  • Painters’ Plastic
  • Zip Walls
  • Ram Board
  • Duct Covers
  • BuildClean Air Scrubber
  • Booties
  • Drop Cloths
  • And More!

We want to make sure all your personal items and finished materials are protected throughout the construction process. To achieve that, we need your help and support too, we ask that you remove your personal items from the construction zone, not only during the demolition process but until the completion list has been finalized. We know that you are eager to move back into your space, but to keep your items protected, it is best for everyone involved that we are completely finished prior to you hanging your decorations. This allows our team to come through and do any “touch ups” you may need at the end of your project without risking your precious family heirlooms, dishes, or decorations.

Keeping the Job Site Clean

R. L. Rider Remodeling prides itself on the cleanliness of our team! Not only are we taking care of the dumpster rental and debris disposal, but our team of highly skilled carpenters are also cleaning up daily. Daily cleanup is essential to running an efficient project as well as keeping our team and your family safe. By cleaning up daily and using site protection we are able to mitigate about 90% of the remodeling dust/debris. Another big reason we ask homeowner’s to not move into their space until the project is fulling complete is so we can get out cleaning crew into your home to polish off your remodel. Upon completion of your project our construction cleaning crew will come into your home and make sure you aren’t cleaning up that last 10% of construction dust that may be leftover.

Client Portal & Project Communication

Your client portal will be your main access for information during the project, you will be able to see the project schedule, what items have been completed, as well as what have our in-house carpenters completed that day. If you have any questions during the process, you can post directly to your job board and our office staff will be instantly notified so you can get timely answers from our team of experts. The project manager for your job will be the one scheduling the carpenters and trade partners, answering questions, and problem solving when needed. We can get 99% of the details figured during the project development phase, that way your build phase will be more efficient. By utilizing these methods, we are able to give you a positive experience as well as a gorgeous space.


Upon completion of your project, you will be immediately enrolled in our 3-year hassle free warranty program. It takes no extra effort from you and if anything pops up within the 3-year time, rest easy knowing we will cover the cost of any labor and materials needed to get it just right again!