Scheduling & Timelines


Having performed countless successful remodels, R.L. Rider Remodeling is confident we can bring you the same excellent experience that our past clients have raved about. Take advantage of our simple process and superior design experience brought to you by Lansing’s finest professionals. A big part of this experience is setting and meeting accurate schedules. We continually strive to educate ourselves, our crew, and our customers with the most up-to-date information. This webpage is meant to give a rough idea of how long a given project type will take. Before we dive into timeframes, let’s cover some of the items we must take into account before setting your final schedule.

Remodeling Schedule and Planning Considerations

  1. Time of Year – contractors must pay close attention to what season it is, at least in Michigan. Temperature and weather play a serious role in all jobs, especially exterior work. When the weather is nice we typically have to book out further as more clients are having work done and our staff is busier than in the cold months.
  2. Weather/Acts of God – the old saying goes that if you don’t like the weather in Michigan, then just wait 10 minutes and you’ll get something new. Extreme weather like flooding and tornadoes or other uncontrollable factors can delay projects indefinitely.
  3. Material Orders/Product Selection – making choices on your materials and products is the single fastest way you as a client can move your job along. If you choose rare or specialty material it may take a little longer to source and arrive in Lansing.
  4. Economic Conditions – if you asked a builder for a quote after the financial crisis of 2008-09, he would probably be pounding down your door the next day begging for work. Today’s work climate is noticeably better, and as a result, contractors are booking out weeks or months in advance.
  5. Backlog/Available Help – probably the single biggest challenge for the construction industry moving forward is the growing labor shortage as younger generations choose white collar jobs over the skilled trades. While we are always growing, it can take time to hire and train the best craftsmen to meet our high standards.

Remodeling Projects

Approximate Remodeling Project Timelines

We’d like to emphasize the approximate nature of these timelines – there are just too many variables to give tighter ranges. You may contact us directly at 517-487-3713 and we can provide a more accurate guess if you have 5-10 minutes to discuss your scope of work. Otherwise, you may use these ranges for planning purposes and to estimate how far out you need to plan to meet a specific completion date.

Design Services – 1-8 weeks

The length of the design phase is mostly dependent on the customer which is unique to this stage. We’ve had clients tackle product selection in half a day and others that debate for months over minute details. The number of design revisions also plays a large role in determining our time spent here.

Additions – 2-6 months

Expanding your home by building out off the existing structure takes substantial design and labor. Keeping the job site contained to just the portion that needs to be worked on is key. Obviously, time is of the essence once we open up exterior walls and start the demolition.

Kitchen Remodels – 5-12 weeks

99% of families do not have a second kitchen or alternative cooking/prep methods available to them. We can potentially use your old appliances to set up a temporary kitchen for you while we complete the transformation in the existing kitchen. Alternative arrangements are certainly possible but many of our clients have preferred this method in the past.

Whole House Remodels – 2-8 months

If a majority of your home needs updating, we may be the right contractor for you! We have lots of planning and scheduling experience with that type of job. It’s a delicate balance to keep you in a functioning home while also performing room-by-room updates so not everything is inaccessible at the same time. Temporary storage is helpful here, or we can move your furniture and belongings as we work through the home.

Finished Basements – 1-4 months

Basement remodels are largely dependent on the job and scope of work. You might be adding a full mother-in-law suite with kitchenette, bathroom, etc. or just updating the flooring, lighting, and painting a room for your new home gym.

Certified Aging in Place (CAPS) Remodels – 2 weeks–8 months

CAPS remodels cover a wide variety of projects like bathrooms, kitchens, whole home remodels, and more. Small projects such as modifying a stairwell for a new stairlift or swapping in an accessible shower unit may only take a week or two. If we are updating the entire home for accessibility or reworking the entire floorplan, then it becomes a longer process.

Bathroom Remodels – 3-10 weeks

A standard bathroom (5’ x 8’) can get freshened up in just a few weeks while a full-gut and remodel of an entire primary bathroom moves into the range of a month or two. If you do not have a second bathroom to utilize, we can reset the commode each evening and help you arrange a shower; Don’t worry, your comfort is our priority!

Decks – 1-4 weeks

Composite decking (e.g. Trex) and treated lumber decking both have readily available material and are about the same labor to install. Project length starts to creep up when you add complexity to the deck design such as multiple levels or choosing to upgrade your railings to a cable-type system.

3 Seasons Rooms and Sunrooms – 1-4 months

There are many types of projects grouped under this category – sunrooms are probably closer to a regular addition than a simple deck as far as scheduling is concerned. Screened porches that attach to the home rather than extend the interior go quite a bit faster.

We truly have the customer’s best interest in mind and will never recommend that you undertake a project that doesn’t meet your needs or make fiscal sense. R.L. Rider Remodeling takes great pride in advising our customers, and not pressuring you into making rash decisions. We are fair and impartial advocates who believe that doing what’s right will always pay better dividends in the long run. If you are ready to get started, please call us at 517-487-3713 or fill out the contact form located at the top of each web page. Thank you.