How We Work


R. L. Rider Remodeling is a client-focused design/build construction firm. Over the last century, we have received countless feedback that has allowed us to refine our process and deliver exactly what our clients are looking for. This has resulted in an experience that our customers rave about because we check all the boxes they are looking for in a remodeling company. We take pride in providing the highest level of customer care, the most informational site inspections, the most detailed budgetary proposals, the finest craftsmanship, the easiest problem resolution, and the best building materials.

What is a design/build construction firm?

A design/build contractor is there for you from concept to completion, making the process as turnkey as possible. Our expert team members are able to merge the aesthetic desires with the rough, structural needs of the home. By designing a project with the end in mind, our team is able to provide a truly holistic service where the contractor is an active participant in the design so you know the recommendations you are getting will be possible when it comes time to “break ground.”

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Our Technique

After performing countless remodeling projects, we have distilled our process into three different stages. Of course, we will guide you through each stage, but if you want to do some homework on the remodeling process before getting started, then this is the place to start! Our first stage is about information gathering, where we talk through the goals of your project and your needs from a contractor, so we can better help you with determining a budget for your project.

If you are a first-time remodeler, or it has been years since the last time you thought about remodeling, you may be asking yourself “is my budget realistic?” Our knowledgeable estimating team is available to help you answer that question. We have multiple options for those just getting started and wanting to get an idea of what a project could cost and for those who are ready to take the plunge with their project. While we can’t tell you exactly without seeing your site, hearing your ideas, and finalizing your selections, this section will give you some of the considerations that we take into account when estimating.

The Design/Build Services page provides an overview of every step of our remodeling process. Step 1 is giving us a call to talk with one of our team members about your project, they will gather preliminary information to help direct you towards our next steps! After the initial phone consultation, you will move into the first phase where you will work with a team member to develop your transparent estimate. We will schedule a team member for a site visit, an approximately 1-hour on-site consultation where we will discuss details and goals for your remodel. Afterwards, we will be able to provide you with a detailed, transparent estimate, that builds the foundation of your project without limiting your design choices. If at any point you feel like our services are not what you are looking for, all you have to do is say so, our team will never pressure you into working with us or making decisions that you are not comfortable making. Our goal is to be your trusted advisor and we understand our company is not always the best fit for every homeowner.

What is a Transparent Estimate?

The traditional way of construction estimating is what we call the “lump sum” model. The contractor comes to your home, conducts a preliminary walk through, and provides you with a number with little to no detail of what goes into that number. Years of experience has gifted many in the industry the ability to ballpark project costs very closely, most homeowners however are not remodeling as frequently and may not know the current costs associated with remodeling. The rise of material and labor costs have affected every industry, so it doesn’t make sense to continue with that outdated form of business. Post-Covid we moved to an itemized estimating system, where we take the information we gather at your initial site visit, measurements, and years of construction knowledge to show you where we anticipate seeing costs. This allows you as the homeowner to know where you have the power to influence your budget, and/or decide what is worth prioritizing more now versus doing later.

If you are satisfied with your preliminary budget, we will move into the Project Development Phase, where the fun truly begins! At this point, we will collect a small retainer fee and sign the Project Development Agreement for your project that will secure your spot on our schedule and begin the design process.

Project Development Phase

Our Project Development Phase is typically a three-milestone process with assigned homework between meetings. During the process we will work together to gather the information needed to design, specify, and definitively price your project. During the process we will help you keep your project within your budget by budgeting as we design and designing within your budget. You can of course ask us to exceed the agreed budget, but you will never be cornered into making selections that are intended to exceed the agreed budget. Our promise to you by the end of the Project Development Phase is a detailed scope of work with material selections, floor plans & 3-D renderings, and a fixed-price contract down to the exact cent. That will prepare us for moving into the construction phase with confidence that the project you envisioned is the project you will receive.

“When can you start?” is normally the second question we get after “How much is it?” Check out our information here on what factors into setting a schedule and the typical timelines we see for any given type of project. We also have tips on how you can help a job move quickly and how far out you should schedule if you have a completion date goal.