Design/Build Services

R. L. Rider Remodeling is proud to provide Mid-Michigan with the finest design/build services. We take a project from the earliest stage – the vision or idea – all the way to the final result you’ll love. When you sign a Project Development Agreement (PDA) with us you get access to one of the brightest teams of designers, architects, project managers, and craftsmen in the region. They help deliver a holistic vision starting with your earliest ideas all the way through final punchlist and warranty. Since we handle the entire process from the beginning, you get a comprehensive project with a single company to work with. We start with the end in mind so there are no surprises when it comes time to build. We will work together to determine your wants and needs, and then design the best solution based on your budget and site conditions. Once the project development phase is finalized, the project can seamlessly begin construction without the headache of bringing other companies up to speed.

What Does Design/Build Mean?

Design/Build means that we handle it all, everything from design to construction. While there are many different methods construction companies use, the Design/Build method allows us to combine the construction aspects of a project into the initial designs to avoid hiccups or surprises later on. The other main method used in the construction industry is the Design-Bid-Build method, where the Homeowner is responsible for working with the design firm and builder separately. Compared to the Design-Bid-Build method, the Design/Build method takes the responsibility off your shoulders to prequalify contractors, schedule the project, manage materials, and communicate the scope of work among potentially multiple different companies. This allows us to make your life easier by communicating with one team throughout the project.

When Should I Employ a Design/Build Contractor?

The client who is looking for a high level of customer service and unique design is better off utilizing a design/build remodeler. Larger projects with more complicated details tend to benefit more too, versus smaller projects that don’t require advanced knowledge of numerous subcontractors. Clients who are more “hands-off” or who don’t want to juggle multiple contacts also benefit as there is just one point of contact to work with. Oftentimes, the design/build remodeler will initially come in at a higher price than other firms, but this is set off by having little to no change orders since the opportunity to design with the build in mind was utilized. Other firms may appear to be less costly but then slam you with change orders at every opportunity which results in the initial, cheaper price ballooning.

For a client more concerned with the lowest price possible or if the job does not require a formal design phase, then a design-bid-build contractor may likely be the better option.

Information Gathering

  • First Contact and Conversation
  • Discuss Project Scope and Get to Know Each Other
  • Gather Ideas and Discover Why You Want to Remodel
  • Decide if We’re a Good Fit or Recommend Alternatives

The first phase begins when you contact R. L. Rider Remodeling via phone call, email, or website contact form. We’ll discuss your project scope and get to know each other a little better. Once we know more about your project, we can advise you on the best way to move forward. We will explain the design/build process we use and see if that sounds like something you’d like to move forward with. We’ll mainly be asking you questions about what bothers you about your current home and why you want to remodel. One very helpful step is for you to gather notes on your ideas and dreams for the project before we talk. Just a picture or two will give us direction on what you’re looking for and will allow us to hone your design and pricing early on.

At this point, you will be partnered with an expert estimator to work with you to determine a good budgetary range for your project. They will be able to breakdown the scope of work and provide you with a transparent estimate so you can see how your scope and selections are affecting the overall pricing on your project.

Estimating Phase

Project Development

  • Begin the Design Process
  • Deliver CAD Drawings, Estimates, Specs, and Approximate Schedules
  • Refine and Revise Designs
  • Approve Final Design and Get Approval for Construction

Step One: Create

If you choose to move forward and sign the Project Development Agreement, we will begin designing your project right away! The “Create” step of your project is where we continually refine your design until it aligns perfectly with your vision and budget. This might take 1 revision, or it might take 5, but we will keep honing until you are satisfied. Our design team will work with you until you approve the final design, and the production team will verify all suggestions are physically possible. Once you are satisfied with your designs we can begin finalizing all the quotes for your project so we will be ready to go to contract, with a fixed project price down to the exact cent.

Step Two: Organize

Construction is close now, but we have one crucial step before we can go to contract. Between creating and finalizing, there is organization, a crucial measure to a successful remodel. You worked diligently with the design team to select the materials you love, and this is the time we finalize the pricing and timelines for those items, get all the necessary work orders written, and project the schedule. All other items such as the lumber, equipment rentals, dumpster, etc. are calculated and prepped to order, waiting patiently on your final approval. We will input all the specifications for your project into the contractual scope of work for your final review and signature.

  • Draft Work Orders & Finalize Invoices
  • Input All Scope of Work Information
  • Prepare Materials to be Ordered
  • Draft Permit Documents, Renderings, and Plans

Step Three: Finalize

The last step before we “break ground,” finalizing your project details. You will review all the final selections, renderings, and floor plans before signing off on your contract. Once you sign, we will submit all the orders that were prepped in the organizing stage, submit the permit paperwork, and finalize the schedule. Our administrative staff will work with the municipality answering any questions they have about your project, while our production staff works with our in-house carpentry team to bring them up to speed on the details and gather all the information they need on-site to be effective. As your materials come in, they will be checked for imperfections and stored in your dedicated bay for our carpenters to gather as needed and bring to the jobsite. The only thing left for you to do is relax and know that we have your vision and timeline in mind.

  • Order & Check-in Materials
  • Submit Permit Paperwork & Fees
  • Brief the Carpentry Teams
  • Prepare On-Site Documents

Project Development


  • Site Protection and Breaking Ground
  • Carpenter and Subcontractors Labor Per Schedule
  • Clean, Safe, Organized Worksite
  • Weekly Updates on Scheduling and Work Performance

The schedule is set; the permits are finalized; All your products/finishes have been ordered and checked-in – it is finally time to begin construction! Our carpenters and team of trade partners will work steadily according to schedule to finish your job on time. You’ll have met your project manager during project development, and they will be your main point of contact during the build phase for any questions you may have. Each project, like each home, can be so different than one another, your building process will be unique to you, your needs, and the needs of your home. The general idea with any project is to remove everything that is not going to be in the final floor plan, build out and frame additional areas as needed, then put everything back to its place with brand-new materials and finishes.

Building Phase

Peace of Mind

After we complete the punchlist, have a final cleaning, and do a final walkthrough, we will schedule your final building inspection. You will then get your Certificate of Occupancy (if the project requires) which means the remodel is complete! We want you to rest easy knowing we provide a 3-year hassle-free warranty that you are automatically enrolled in at no additional cost.

Ready to get your project started? Do you have any questions on design/build versus traditional bidding? Give our experts a call at 517-487-3713 or fill out the contact form and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you!